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Porvoo Art Association


Porvoo Art Association

Porvoo Art Association was founded in 1966 to promote art and the pursuit of the arts in the Porvoo region. The bilingual Art Association, which is open for anyone interested, has approximately 400 members.

Visual art has been at the centre of the Art Association’s activities throughout its history. Its artist members are represented in the committee that decides on the exhibitions to be displayed at the Art Hall and Vanha Kappalaisentalo Gallery in Porvoo.

The Art Association runs the Porvoo Art Rental Service Konsta. We are constantly striving to increase the number of visitors and rentals of the Art Rental Service in order to make high-quality art available for all inhabitants of the region.

The Art Association also cooperates actively with other cultural associations in the region. In the past, we have arranged literary matinees and thematic cultural events. We also seek to encourage actors in the cultural field by granting the Cultural Act of the Year award.